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Many ecological and environmental studies aim to draw reliable conclusions about the world around us, based upon real-world observations. Making reliable conclusions about such systems requires that protocols are established to ensure valid data are collected and appropriate methods of analysis are used. This is the cornerstone of applied statistics.

At Proteus we recognize many of the special challenges faced in ecological and environmental studies. After consulting with our clients to ensure a clear understanding of the project's goals, we combine cutting-edge statistical methods with the biological realities of the situation to develop a feasible solution given the constraints of the project's resources. We aim to provide high-quality, statistical advice in lay-person's terms, as at Proteus, we understand that not everyone is a statistician.

Our expertise extends to many areas of applied statistics, with particular emphasis in the design and analysis of species occurrence or species distribution modeling, and demographic studies including mark-recapture methods. We have a proven track record of developing new, and extending current, statistical methods where necessary, and can produce custom-made software if required. Training courses in specific areas are also provided periodically or on request.

Proteus' talents are internationally recognized, and our client list includes government agencies, university researchers, private industry and non-government organizations from around the globe. We have provided advice on studies for a wide variety of species; aquatic to terrestrial, insects to bears, amphibians to birds, dolphins to tigers.

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