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The Company

Proteus is a statistical consulting company that specialises in ecological and wildlife applications. We are here to help you learn about, and manage, ecological systems, through statistics. Based near Dunedin, New Zealand, our team helps solve problems around the world.


Our Team

Darryl is an internationally renowned ecological statistician, particularly for his work on the development and application of species occurrence models. He has over 20 years experience in applying statistical techniques to a wide variety of ecological and environmental situations, around the globe. Darryl co-founded Proteus with David Fletcher in 2000, and commenced full-time with Proteus in 2001 as a consultant Biometrician. He also holds a part-time Associate Professor position at the University of Otago

Darryl has provided statistical advice on studies for a wide-range of species and enjoys the challenge of combining the statistical theory with the practical realities to develop a pragmatic solution. He has over 60 publications, with many articles in top ecological journals, and is lead author of the book Occupancy Estimation and Modelling: Inferring Patterns and Dynamics of Species Occurrence. A full list of his publications are available on Google Scholar.

Penelope has a Master of Mathematics from Auckland University, and a Master of Applied Statistics and PhD in Statistics from Massey University. Her PhD thesis involved devising statistical methodology to adapt tree-based models for complex survey data, which melded the statistical techniques of classification and regression trees, small area estimation, resampling methods for variance estimation, and included generalized linear mixed modelling.        

She has worked in a consulting role with the Statistical Consulting Service at Massey University, Mathematics in Industry New Zealand (MINZ), and Wake Scientific Consulting. Projects include mathematical modelling of a dynamic biological system of pathogen and host using differential equations, and experimental design techniques to model physical ecology of tree wetas and the impact of diet and drugs on rats post–surgery. Her most recent involvement with MINZ involved MANOVA modelling to predict sensory variables using tribology measurements. With a background in science, she is particularly interested in the application of statistical methodology in a science-based context.
Penelope has many years experience in teaching Maths and Science at secondary level and in the homeschooling sector. She has also worked as a Teaching Assistant at Massey University, for Statistics courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Our Associates

Proteus has a number of associates and colleagues located around the world that are subject-matter experts in their fields. We can form a team to tackle your problem should the need arise, combining the skills of numerous individuals.

James D. Nichols, Ph.D.

Jim is retired after >40 years with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the U.S. Geological Survey working on the management of animal populations and estimation of demographic parameters. Jim has been directly involved with the development of management programmes for a diverse range of taxa including North American mallards, Florida scrub jays, horseshoe crabs and red knots in Delaware Bay, and nesting golden eagles in Alaska. With over 400 publications in peer reviewed journals, Jim has made substantial contributions to the development of the capture-recapture and occupancy modelling fields, both in terms of methodological development and practical applications.

Joanne Potts

Joanne has extensive experience in applying statistical methods to a wide variety of practical situations through her work as a statistical consultant (The Analytical Edge Statistical Consulting), in academic, private industry and government settings, in Australia, the United Kingdom and the USA. 

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Deanna Clement

Deanna specialises in marine mammal ecology (Cawthron Institute), and works on a variety of projects including impact assessments and the design of several resource consent monitoring studies. Deanna and Darryl have been co-PIs (principal investigators) on a number of projects estimating the abundance and distribution of Hector’s dolphin around the South Island of New Zealand.

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