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occupancy estimation and modelingDarryl MacKenzie is again lead author on the second edition of Occupancy Estimation and Modelling. Numerous extensions of the earlier methods, that have been developed since the publication of the first edition, are described in this greatly expanded version. Additional examples of the application of the methods are also given. Go to Elsevier’s official website for the book for more detail and for purchasing information. Copies are also available for purchase from the usual resellers.

Below is a list of files available for free download associated with select examples. More examples will be added soon. Contact Darryl if you are looking for a specific example from the book.

Files for Download

PRESENCE project. Extract zip file, then open the weta.pa3 file using the PRESENCE software.

Zip file containing data file in PRESENCE format (required for the R code) and R code for conducting the analyses.

PRESENCE project. Extract zip file, then open the caspo.pa3 file using the PRESENCE software. Note the PRESENCE data file is recorded in a summarised format.